Donald Trump For President


It is only fitting that I bust open a new blog website discussing our current events. Yes, Mr. apprentice, the Donald himself has been elected to be our next president. I was just like you up late waiting to see the results only to be disappointed. I will admit when I saw those numbers climbing in favor of Donald I was sick to my stomach. I’m neither a “Republican” or “Democrat” I don’t even vote! The one thing that does make me sick is that Mr. Trump won this election in the face of hatred, racism, and lies.

How could something like this happen in such a great country?

How could the masses believe either candidate would keep their promises to the American People. Who are the Frauds? Trump, Clinton or the American people?


We run our mouths so much about the middle class needing more jobs and better education. Yes, it all sounds good but do you really think for a second that they will change anything?

Yes, it’s disappointing that a lunatic is now the President of the United States but what if Clinton won?

Would we be better off with her? In my opinion, I think either way we would have been going down a path folks would haven’t been happy with. Clinton would have given people access to welfare, food stamps, permanent residency e.t.c.

Trump is ready to deport anyone who is not a U.S. citizens, blow stuff up, cut taxes and hang out with the KKK. Please understand people the government will be the government they will always call the shots and control the outcomes of our elections.

We seem to always come from a point of weakness and entitlement. Maybe this is the time to recognize that you and only you can make a difference in your life. So if you find yourself hoarding to the polls every 4 to 8 years to vote for the next president ask yourself am I a fraud?

Remember life goes on and you can control your life and how you want to live, earn your money and prosper.

It’s a vicious cycle of promises and pandering to the weak minded folks who rely on a Republican or Democrat to change their lives. Sorry to be the Big Bad Blogger but nothing will change in this country. A week or two from now we will go from protesting in the street to rushing to our 9-5’s sucking down our Starbucks coffee.

I mean no disrespect to anyone who comes across this blog but let’s be realistic here, government officials are idiots. They do not have our best interest in mind it’s all about who they are and what they can conquer and destroy.

One more thing before I end this rant. Are you ready for a change? Not a political change, but a human change (evolution).

So I ask you again who are the frauds here, Clinton, Trump or the American people? I leave you with that.

Be safe and God Bless!